SSZ-II Stereo Zoom Binocular Microscope

Product Description

With a history of complete customer satisfaction and reliability over the long term, the SSZ-II Series Binocular Microscope is one of Scienscope's top sellers. Made with top of the line technology and construction, the SSZ-II includes single spindle zoom, modularized gears, fixed prisms, and an isolated nylon-on-nylon gear system which increases the smoothness of the zoom, reduces martial fatigue, and protects the gears from other moving parts.

SSZ-II Microscope Features


The SSZ-II is built to meet the highest industry standards, boasting CNC machined parts which improve reliability and reduce repair costs.


Designed with user comfort in mind, the SSZ-II has high point, lockable eyepieces and ergonomically located zoom control.

Easy Documentation

With it's video-out capabilities, the SSZ-II makes training and documentation of work easier than ever.

$ 1,896.00

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