O.C. White MacroZoom Video Systems

Product Description

The O.C. White Macro Zoo Video Systems are the perfect choice for those who need a wide range of magnification with an uparalleled working distance, depth of field, and level of user control. These video systems come with your choice of either the standard 24" ball bearing base, or an articulating arm base for one touch repositioning. Also available are your choice of four lighting sources to match up to your specific application.

The HD version includes a true HD 1080p camera, 22" LED monitor, and external USB mouse which allows for image capture, digital zoom, screen inversion, ROI binning, and more, all without the use of a PC.

  • ESD Safe and RoHS Compliant
  • Standard Magnification Range of 1 - 80x 
  • Variable Focal Design Allows Unlimited Working Distance
  • 24” Tall Ball Bearing Base Assembly Included Standard
  • Articulating Arm Packages Also Available
  • ‘Close Up’ Lens afford higher magnification levels
  • HD1080p or NEW 5MP Digital Imaging Packages
  • Choice of Illuminators (factory recommends Fluorescent ring with this series) 
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty
  • 230v Version Available, Consult Factory
$ 2,996.00