ML5-5D-LED Economy Magnifier

Product Description

Even low magnification applications require state-of-the-art illuminated magnification, so we offer the ML5-5D-LED magnifier from Scienscope for situations in which limited magnification is required and challenging conditions are not expected.

The Scienscope magnifier is cost effective and offers 2.25x magnification, which is sufficient for many basic tasks and operations. 

Low magnification magnifiers are extremely useful pieces of laboratory equipment that are used routinely in many labs for the illuminated inspection of small parts, or for tasks requiring careful manipulation and reworking including polishing and painting, soldering and welding.

  • 5 diopter
  • 5.7" glass lens
  • 64 LED lighting array
  • 5W
  • 2.25X Mag.
  • 8" focal length.
$ 226.60