Mantis Compact Head - UV

Product Description

*Note: Default is the Mantis Head only. Select a stand and lenses to complete your system.

Mantis Compact UV is a patented stereo microscope, ideal for a wide range of nondestructive testing:

  • Crack & fatigue detection
  • Conformal coating inspection of printed circuit boards
  • UV medical adhesives & general UV inspection tasks
  • Superb stereo vision gives unsurpassed crack and coating visibility with clarity and image definition
  • Fast & accurate fault detection
  • Enhanced productivity and reduced scrap rates

Mantis Compact UV is a variant of Vision Engineering’s Mantis Compact stereo microscope, offering clear, magnified imaging of UV fluoresced cracks, flaws and coatings. Fault detection is made more effective by magnification highlighting minute cracks and pitting.

Optical Data
Objective Lenses
Working Distance
Field of View
167mm / 6.57"
45.0mm / 1.77"
96mm / 3.78"
27.5mm / 1.08"
73mm / 2.87"
19.2mm / 0.75"
58.5mm / 2.3"
14.3mm / 0.56"
$ 2,325.00
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