Mantis Compact Head

Product Description

*Note: Default is the Mantis Head only. Select a stand and lenses below to complete your system.

The Mantis Compact Head combines with the Universal Stand, Bench Stand, or Mflex Articulated Arm to create an unparalleled, low magnification visual inspection system. With features that include:

  • Four interchangable lenses that range from 2x to the new 8x magnification
  • LED Illumination that allows for thousands of hours of shadow free viewing
  • Superior ergonomics for improved productivity and increased throughput
  • Stereo viewing that does not require the use of eye pieces, and is glasses friendly.
  • Unparalleled freedom of head movement

The Mantis Compact is the stereo viewer of choice for most inspection, manipulation or rework tasks requiring magnification. 

Optical Data
Objective Lenses
Working Distance
Field of View
167mm / 6.57"
45.0mm / 1.77"
96mm / 3.78"
27.5mm / 1.08"
73mm / 2.87"
19.2mm / 0.75"
58.5mm / 2.3"
14.3mm / 0.56"
$ 1,050.00
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