GPP General Purpose (Powder Form)

Product Description


Branson GP Powder Solution is a high-performance, heavy-duty ultrasonic cleaning powder. It is fast acting and long lasting, and offers superior performance at a cost savings, plus time and space.  It is easy to handle, mild to operator hands, and biodegradable—no acid, caustic, or fuming problems. It is odorless, ammonia-free, and non-flammable.

Branson GP Powder Solution removes general oils, fingerprints, dust, packaging particulates, and light oils and greases from components and products found in machine and metalworking shops, chemical plants and petrochemical refineries, automotive plants, appliance factories, telecommunications equipment producers, printing plants, and many other industrial, manufacturing and fabricating facilities. It is safe on all metals of all types including aluminum and magnesium (if rinsed promptly), plastic and rubber components, and glass and porcelain. Other contaminants include: dental instruments, blood, buffing and polishing compounds.




  • Two pounds of concentrate powder will make up to 75 gallons of cleaning solution.
  • Each scoop generates up to 1 gallon of general purpose cleaning solution (scoop provided in each container).
  • Fill the tank with warm to hot tap water and sprinkle 1 scoop of powder into tank.
  • As with any solution, rinse thoroughly after cleaning.




  • Chemical Composition: non-corrosive/corrosion inhibited
  • Flash Point: none
  • Recommended Dilutent: water
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • PH at Use Temperature: 9.3
  • Percent phosphorus (wt/wt): 6.8%
  • Shelf Life: Indefinite
  • Normal Use Concentration: 3 oz. generates 1 gallon of solution




When diluted in tank can be poured down drain. 

Solution amounts may vary. The amount used depends on the detergent and the type of soil to be removed. Follow the instructions on the solutions container. The table below lists the effect of solutions on metals.

BC Buffing Cmpd none slight stain none none none none none
EC Electronics Clnr none  none slight etch none  none  none  none 
GP General Purpose none  none slight etch* none  none  none  none 
IS Industrial Strength none none  slight etch* none  none  none  none 
JC Jewelry none none  none  none  none  none  none 
OC Optical none none  none  none*** none***  none  none***
OR Oxide Remover slight etch none  slight attack attacks attacks  none none 
MC-1 Metal Cleaner none none  none  none  none  none  none 
MC-2 Metal Cleaner none none  slight etch  none  none  none  none 
MC-3 Metal Cleaner none none  none  none  none  none  none 

* Slight Etch on some aluminum aloys

** Warning: Free hydrogen may be released if solution comes into coantact with reactive metals

*** No effect if solution temperature is less than 140 deg. F.




$ 132.00
GP-2 lb.