Scienscope prides itself in providing versatile, reliable and cost effective systems for inspection requirements with unparalleled customer support. Scienscope is one of the pioneers in manufacturing optical and video inspection systems as well as video measurement systems specifically for electronic and medical industries. With this in mind, they are able to meet the growing need for general purpose, reliable, optical and video inspection solutions to electronics and PCB industries.

Scienscope microscopes are designed with a granite base and z-column, steel measuring stages with cross-roller bearings, precision optics and an incorporated digital camera.

Video Transcription:

At the 2008 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), Quality Magazine dropped by the Scienscope booth to find out what the company was all about.

Dan Kelsey, general manager of Scienscope International, describes Scienscope as a small international company that specializes in the combination of products which comprise of optical products, video solutions and video measuring machines. Also, topping the product line are x-ray machines used for general and non-destructive testing applications. For applications which require working long hours, a combination of a microscope and video camera is available. This combination allows the operator to do most of the inspection by merely looking thru a video image. In addition to microscopes, a strong part of Scienscope’s product line, is the video inspection products.

According to Lance Larkin, regional sales manager, Scienscope is proud to unveil a unique video inspection product, the Video Image Express. This product has the ability to display a live image on any laptop or standard PC, which can be converted into video, composite video or USB into a USB 2 signal source and bring the image up on the software display. The Video Image Express also comes with a unique measuring ability. This product features a variety of measuring tools which can measure any cracks or defects in the field of view. After measuring, the dimension can be pasted on the image and then stored as a bitmap or jpeg.

A full range of video measurement machines are also available according to David Powell, sales for measurement products. Scienscope carries manual machines, ranging from a video comparator style to the more traditional video CMM style. The full range of sizes starts from 4 x 8 x 6 inch and 12 x 16 x 15 inch.

X-ray product manager, Glenn Thomas also talks about their quality x-ray products. Scienscope has answered the need for x-ray machines, high res and high magnification for general NDT, medical products and circuit board applications. Operator training takes two hours or less. No external shielding is needed in the room and thus the equipment can be moved anywhere in the manufacturing facilities from labs to production facilities. Operation is as simple as opening the door, placing the sample in the sample tray (18x20) and pushing the x-ray on button.

For all your visual inspection and specialized measurement needs, there is Scienscope.