Scienscope Macro Video Inspection

This Macro Zoom Lens System is best for:

  • quality assurance
  • biomedical imaging
  • assembly applications
A big sharp quality image can be the difference between shipping product - and adding to the scrap pile. Featuring the best Depth of Field and Field of View available with controls at your fingertips. Easily tweak zoom, focus, and iris for the best image, without taking your eyes off of the product. Macro Zoom lens is designed for large field of views, large range of working distance, and large depth of field applications:
  • Range from 7″ – 12″ of working distance with a close-up/cover lens
  • From 11″ to infinity without the close-up/cover lens.
  • Up to 61.9X magnification.
Scienscope Macro Zoom Video Lens Diagram

MACRO Lens Specifications

Focal Range 18mm – 108mm
Magnification Range 3.7X – 61.9X
Zoom Ratio 1:6 Parfocal
Field of View 12.26mm – 284mm
Working Distance 117.8mm – 304.8mm
Aperture Manual
Iris Control Manual
Focus & Zoom Control Manual
Video Mount C-Mount
Camera Format 2/3″ or smaller



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