Mantis Compact

Mantis Compact Stereo Viewers

The Mantis Compact is the perfect low cost, high quality video inspection microscope for a wide variety of applications. With superb 3D imaging capability and an unbelievable range of movement, the Mantis Compact is the perfect ergonomic solution for rework, inspection, and manipulation tasks.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue - especially in the neck, shoulders, upper back as compared to microscopes and magnifiers
  • Huge depth of field ehances operator ability to inspect and maipulate objects while staying in focus
  • Long working distance and large field of view make it easy to imspect quickly
  • Accurate color LED illumination equals bright clean image for shadow-free viewing

Optical data
Objective Lenses Working Distance Field of View
2x 167mm / 6.57" 45.0mm / 1.77"
4x 96mm / 3.78" 27.5mm / 1.08"
6x 73mm / 2.87" 19.2mm / 0.76"
8x 58.5mm / 2.3" 14.3mm / 0.56"
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