Mantis Elite-Cam Head

Product Description

*NOTE: A functional Mantis system requires a Head, a Stand, and at least one lens. This item is the Elite-CAM HD head only.

Like the other models in the Mantis range, the Mantis Elite-Cam HD allows ergonomic, comfortable working with a clear three dimensional view. Additionally, Mantis Elite-Cam HD offers the functionality of a HD camera that connects via USB 2.0 to a PC.

This system comes complete with great software to allow you to carry out easy-to-use image archiving and annotation. Advanced software for dimensioning and simple measurement is available as an upgrade.

  • Eyepiece-less design = freedom of head movement, reduction in fatigue
  • Amazing Depth of Field and 3D view
  • Ergonomically designed for increased productivity
  • magnification from 2x up to 20x. Switch between two lenses mounted on the "quick switch" turret
  • Built-in HD USB2.0 camera
  • Comes with great image capture and mark-up software
  • Powerful DimensionOne™ imaging and measurement software (optional upgrade)
  • Choose from three different stands and multiple accessories ot tailor your Mantis Elite-CAM to your specific application.

3D View With Enhanced Depth Perception

  • Eyepiece-less technology means users can move their heads within the optical paths enhancing depth perception greater than possible with just the stereo view.

Three-fold ergonomics

  • Ergonomics of posture: Mantis Elite-Cam HD allows freedom of head movement and does not require the user to align the eyes precisely. Benefit is that users can work more comfortably for longer, increasing user comfort and productivity.
  • Ergonomics of the eye: Benefit from prescribed eyesight correction, allowing users to wear spectacles, for increased comfort and reduced setup times between users. Benefit from ambient light reducing eye fatigue and related headaches. Benefit of a similar focal distance from direct view of the sample to the view through the system, also helps to reduce eye strain.
  • Ergonomics for manipulation: Mantis microscope systems benefit from the user retaining their peripheral vision. This enables easier hand to eye co-ordination for easier more accurate working with increased productivity.


Image and video capture software included

The Mantis Elite-Cam HD comes with uEye image capture PC software as standard which enables image capture as well as video recording.

  • Quickly and simply add annotations / mark-up to captured images using the uEye software supplied
  • Image capture in a variety of formats (.bmp, .jpg and .png)
  • Video recording (.avi), ideal for training purposes
  • Multilingual uEye software, available in 14 languages
  • Optimise camera settings for individual applications, including white balance, gain, contrast, colour channel gain

Mantis Elite-CAM HD uEye image capture PC software

 Integrated digital camera 

  • Easy image viewing: Images from the Mantis Elite-Cam HD can be displayed on a computer monitor for operator use, or be displayed to groups for demonstration and training.
  • Easy capture of still images and video clips: Images and video clips can be easily captured and saved allowing capture of visual information and easy storage or distribution. Ideal for archiving and reporting.
  • Annotation and saving of annotation overlays: Easy reporting or checking against design or plan. Enables drawing and text to be overlaid and saved as combined or separate files.
  • Simple measurement: Mantis Elite-Cam HD used with uEye software allows simple on screen measurement that can be used as a guide to compliance within generous tolerances. (Only to be used as a quick/rough guide as results cannot be verified.)


Camera Data

Sensor type CMOS
Resolution (H X W) 1600 x1200 pixels
Sensor size 1/3"
Pixel size 2.8μm
Colour depth 8-bit 
Refresh rate 18.3 fps max.
 Interface  USB 2.0
File formats BMP, JPG,PNG, AVI
Supplied software uEye Cockpit 

Optical data

Objective LensesWorking DistanceField of View
2x 160mm 57.0mm
4x 96mm 34.0mm
6x 68mm 23.0mm
6x SLWD* 112mm 20.0mm
8x 59mm 17.0mm
10x 54mm 13.5mm
15x 40mm 8.8mm
20x 29mm 6.5mm

* cannot be used together with 2x or 20x objective lens


Surface 24 LEDs 11,000 LUX
(bench stand only)
58 LEDs 2,700 LUX
$ 3,635.00
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